Out of the comfort zone we go

My university is one of the few, that allow students to choose some of their modules. Taking advantage of such a privilege I went ahead and chose ‘Living and Working on the Web’, which is essentially all about building your online presence and learning through on-line communities. I have never done anything like this before, and although it does sound a little bizarre I am very excited about what this journey will bring.

The reason why I thought doing this would be a great idea is, well, because I am quite poor at up keeping my online presence (to say the least), and this way I will be having to use my brain and my senses to produce something worth reading every two weeks. As I am studying Marketing, it is crucial for me to learn to thrive in an online environment. Digital skills are now key in majority of marketing roles due to the ever evolving internet consumerism, and this is why I want to develop myself in this area.

I am hoping to gain some experience in blogging, as well as network with other students and professionals. All in all, I have trust in this module to help me become a worthy digital persona.

Having only worked on this one post so far, I have already come to a conclusion that blogging is basically a part-time job. I don’t think many people realise how time consuming it is, neither do they give enough credit to committed bloggers of the world wide web.So now, as an aspiring, committed blogger, I am going to share my thoughts and observations using the help of my university and WordPress.

Below I have completed a digital profile self-test to assess just how lazy I am in terms of social networking at the moment, and hopefully, once this semester is finished those numbers will be a little higher.

So here we go:

How you would rate your current level of digital literacy against the following criteria from 1-5 (5 being most experienced)

  1. Accessing, managing and evaluating online information – I think I can give myself a confident 4 for this one. I have spend numerous hours studying using internet and I can safely say that my digital literacy on this behalf is of a good standard.
  2. Participating in online communities – Well… I guess it depends whether it is just participating or participating actively. I would give myself a 2.5 here. I am part-taking in multiple online communities, yet I am far from actively involved in launching daily (or sometimes even weekly) updates.
  3. Building online networks around the area of interest – The only social network I have worked on to develop it around my areas of studies and interests is LinkedIn, so considering the number of social network sites I am apart of, it is a shameful 1 for me.
  4. Collaborating with others on shared projects – I currently participate in a single online shared project with a few other people. We share ideas, expertise and skills with each other ( a sort of an online self-development project), so for this criteria I am also giving myself a 1.
  5. Creating online materials (including text, audio, images and video) – Although I have never posted video or audio content online, I have been a relatively active user of Instagram and Facebook, where I have had the chance to post a fair amount of text and images, so I would say 3 is a fair score for me here.
  6. Managing your online identity – I have worked on developing my online identity to make sure my online presence was professional and employee worthy. However, I have not worked on personalising my online identity in a way that  it reflects my personality and interests, and so for this reason I am giving myself a 2.
  7. Managing your online privacy and security – I think it is safe to say that I am very cautious in terms of my privacy and security online. 90% of my online accounts are private and I take online security fairly seriously. So I am giving myself a 4 for this criteria.

Evidently there is a lot to work on and I am looking forward to improving my digital literacy.

So stay tuned for there is more to come.

Kate x



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